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iBoard FAQs2022-12-16T07:21:05+00:00
Does iBoard come with warranty?2018-05-31T17:37:53+00:00

All iBoard comes with limited manufacture warranty against factory defect.

Body frame mount or rocker panel mount?2015-01-30T18:41:26+00:00

It depends on the model.

How much weight does each iBoard support?2017-09-01T16:48:59+00:00

The max weight capacity is about 300lbs for each bar.

How many brackets for each side?2015-01-14T23:04:28+00:00

It depends on each model.

Does it come in pairs?2015-02-12T00:43:26+00:00

Yes, iBoards are sold in pairs.

What is the cover made of?2015-01-30T18:45:04+00:00

iBoard surface is covered with full length, premium quality UV resistant non-slip rubber pad.

Bars Materials: Is it aluminum or stainless steel? Is it rust free?2015-01-30T18:47:22+00:00

All iBoard is made of 6061 air craft aluminum. Guaranteed rust free.

Hardware: Is it included or not? Are they stainless steel?2017-03-27T17:33:55+00:00

All mounting brackets, hardware and installation instruction is coming within the package.

Who is the Manufacturer of iBoard, and Where is it made?2015-01-30T18:52:08+00:00

iBoard is designed by APS Auto Parts Specialist Inc. in USA, and produced in their factory in China.


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